Pop up studio day 3 – old Rhondda footage and bicycle powered light


Today was my first day at the pop-up story studio and I really loved it! There is lots to discover around the shop and everybody who’s come in has been very generous with their stories, anecdotes, drawings and memories. The old footage of the Rhondda valleys (kindly provided by RCT archives and BBC Wales) has been a real hit and has really helped us to start conversations about how we used energies in the past, but also about how we might use it in the future. The sewing machine and knitting have been very popular with our younger visitors. I also had a go on the old Singer and I must say it really wasn’t easy and required a good rhythm and lots of energy!


We were really excited to see if we could get a recorder player powered by cycling a bike… Unfortunately, it looks like we need a new needle for that so we’ll try and sort that out, but we still managed to power a small light!


Plenty more to look forward to for the rest of the week! We have some bread baking planned and also a session imagining the future by making a map alive! The weather seems to have perked up too – we still had the odd showers today but by the time we closed for the day, the sun was shining on Treherbert!

Thanks to all who came to help and who came in today – we look forward to seeing more of you over the next few days!



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