Day 4 at the Story Studio

Another buzzing day at our pop-up studio in Treherbert  yesterday. The sun shone  and so our lovely volunteers from Welcome to our Woods got the wood fueled stove fired up outside and Nancy baked bread on it. Lovely… ViIMG_1439sitors came and shared their thoughts and stories about how they have lived with energy in the past and what they think the future might hold. One of my favourite comments was from a young boy whose response to ” what will energy look like in 2050?” simply wrote” magic will exist.” Let’s hope he’s right!

We had a visit from local Welsh Assembly Member and Minister for Public Services Leighton Andrews (and a reporter from BBC Radio Wales called in towards the end of the day to record some interviews  and find out more about what we’re up to. Listen out for us on BBC Radio Wales’ news programme “Good Morning Wales” on Saturday 1st August (7.30am – 9.00am).


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