Week 2, Day 7: Energy, community maps and more sewing!

We’re very lucky that today yet more people have come through the door of the pop-up studio and told us some stories about the past of the area but have also helped us with thinking about the future of energy. We’ve had folks come back to let us copy some more photos of the area or to share with us their traditional Welsh recipes – we’ve got bara brith in the making for tomorrow and we’ve found out about Green and Whites jazz band:


We’ve been shown how a Spiralarm lamp worked and our regular younger visitors made bread and a draft excluder with the help of Nancy!



I’ve been struck by how much interaction there has been in the studio between generations. The children who have visited have been very curious and asked us and other visitors lots of questions about the past of the area but also the future of energy. Last week, they even took it upon themselves to draw up a list of questions and to go and ask people about their opinions and memories – inquisitive minds in the making!

We’re only open for another 4 days so we hope that the next few days will deliver the same mixture of memories, interactions and thoughts on the future of energy!



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