Day 9: Ketso workshop, photobooth and energy questions


Day 9 was another busy day in the pop up studio. We had a lot of visitors adding their thoughts and answers to the questions that we have posted around the space and we had many more chats with others who came in for the first time or for a repeat visit. We’re very grateful that people keep coming in and coming back! It really is what brings the space to life.

In the morning and over lunch, Alister Forman who studies for his PhD at the university of Cardiff came in to run a workshop based on the Ketso method with 6 community members. It’s a creative and participative method that uses felt to discuss community issues (although do check out their website – this short description doesn’t do it justice!) and the participants loved it!

We also have stories of change professional photographer Tim Mitchell for us for day 9 and day 10 to run a photobooth in the studio. The idea is that people work together to create a photo where the person in the photo asks a question about energy. Here’s Ian demonstrating what it is (although this is just s photo of my phone – Tim does an amazing job with the lighting and then the editing of the photos):


If you have a question, there’s still plenty of time on Thursday to pop down and have your photo taken!


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