Story studio day 10: the sun shines, and more new visitors

Today to get to the studio from Cardiff I got the train up the valley for the first time, so I got to try out the public transport that the discussion group were praising last night. I definitely agree with them, apart from being a lovely scenic journey, its a great half hourly service with really frequent stops, still beats a car at that time of day, and with possibly the most friendly train staff I have ever met! – who thought it was very amusing that I was taking photos of the train

treherbert station

public transport with a view – still a bit misty this morning

The morning in the studio was a bit quieter than usual as most of the regulars decamped to the woods for some walking and crafts. Lisa Heledd Jones of Storyworks was back though, and in the quieter patch we got to have some lovely long chats with some of our returning visitors.

This afternoon the sun came out at long last, and brought with it a surge of new visitors to the studio. Our children’s picture board got some great new additions, and Tim the photographer wormed peoples provocative questions out of them and persuaded them into recording them on their thought clouds in the photo booth. I’m really looking forward to seeing that gallery when its up online – some great questions and great portraits, that really capture something of the people of Treherbert and their attachment to their community and concerns about its energy future.

Today was my last day sadly although the studio has another day to go. I have enjoyed every minute: it has been a brilliant time spending time in the studio with our community partners and visitors, and a real privilege to hear all the personal thoughts and stories from all our visitors, young and older. Everyone has been so generous with their time, memories and willingness to share.

Friday is the last day, so whether you’ve been in already or not, get down to the studio and enjoy it while you can!


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