Returning to the ‘Bwl


Last week, we were very lucky to be able to return to Ynysybwl to catch up with the groups that we had met back in April and that we conducted oral histories with in the following months.

In our conversations, we further explored the idea of the past, present and future of energy in relation to people’s everyday lives. The group discussions (as opposed to the individual oral histories) prompted further memories of what the area was like and how it has changed. For example, people had very vivid memories of playing on the coal tips, which have now disappeared as the area where the Lady Windsor colliery stood has been landscaped.

Ynsysbwl_revisit_GowerDavies3Finally, we talked about the future and what the area may be like for their grandchildren, but also more generally what their hopes for the future were. There was a real sense that the past was important to know and understand in order to shape the future and that perhaps we needed to find ways to bring older and younger generations together… something for us all to think about!



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