‘Stories of Change: Exploring energy and community in the past, present and future’

The Stories of Change project is funded by the AHRC under its Connected Communities programme (between 2014 and 2017) and involves six universities, Bath, Birmingham, Exeter, Open, Sheffield, and the University of South Wales, together with arts and community partner organisations.

The project aims to help to revive stalled public and political conversations about energy by looking in a fresh way at its past, present and future. It draws on history, literature, social and policy research and the arts to encourage a more imaginative approach to current and future energy choices.

We are working with stories because they offer a popular and engaging route into thinking about the past and present and imagining possible futures, and also because stories, narratives and narration are concepts that everybody can gather around.

The University of South Wales and the University of Birmingham are concentrating primarily on one of the work packages of the project, Story 3, entitled Everyday Lives

It is focused on working with a selected group of communities in south Wales where energy has shaped and is continuing to shape the everyday lives of those communities.

Research team (Everyday Lives)

University of South Wales: Karen Lewis and David Llewellyn
University of Birmingham: Rosie Day and Mel Rohse

Arts organisation partner (Everyday Lives)

Visiting Arts: Yvette Vaughan Jones






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